The Spine Specialist is supported by clinical history and research.

Spine Advanced has been utilizing The Spine Specialist at our clinical headquarters since 2012 and we have experienced many incredible clinical successes.  The best part is that those successes have been seen especially with patients who have not found relief with any other intervention.  We have compiled a number of case studies and a testimonial summary for your review as an appendix to this proposal.

You don’t have to just take our word for it though. Peer reviewed research tends to agree.

Laser Therapy and Spinal Decompression is an obvious combination that makes sense to patients, practitioners and researchers alike. The effectiveness of these therapies is very well supported by years of clinical research and meta-analysis.

  • In a recent journal article in Orthopedic Technology Review titled Surgical Alternatives: Spinal Decompression, results showed that 86% of the 219 patients who completed the therapy reported immediate resolution of symptoms while 84% of patients remained pain free 90 days post treatment. Physical examination findings showed improvement in 92% of the 219 patients, and remained intact in 89% of these patients 90 days after treatment.
  • Another article in Journal of Neurological Research reported that vertebral axial [spinal] decompression was successful in 71% of the 778 cases. The success rate varied from 73% for patients with a single herniated disc. It was 72% for people with multiple herniated discs.
  • The American Journal of Pain Management reported ‘good to excellent’ relief in 86% patients with Herniated discs, with back pain and sciatica symptoms being relieved. Good to excellent results were also obtained in 75% of those with facet syndrome.
  • A small non-randomized study in Anaesthesiology News reported of the 23 patients who responded to therapy, 52% had a pain level of zero, 91% were able to resume their normal daily activities, and 87% were either working or were retired without having back pain as the cause of retirement.
  • In a small study to determine the long-term effects of vertebral axial decompression, the following results were obtained: ‘Among 23 patients, 71% showed more than 50% reduction in pain immediately after treatment, and 86% showed a 50% or better pain reduction at four years. After four years, 52% of respondents reported a pain level of zero. Thus, pain relief not only improved but lasted. This pilot study shows great promise for long term relief and new pain management techniques.
  • An interesting study at the Rio Grande Hospital, Department of Neurosurgery compared the effects of 20 treatment sessions vs. 10 treatment sessions on chronic low back pain sufferers. The group receiving 20 treatments of decompression therapy reported a 76.5% with complete remission and 19.6% with partial remission of pain and disability. The second group, receiving 10 treatments of decompression therapy, reported a 42.9% rate of remission and 24.1% with partial remission. Failure rate was only 3.9% for those receiving 20 treatment sessions while it was 32.9% for those receiving only 10 sessions. Remission was defined as 90% or greater relief of pain, back to work without limitations, and abilities to carry out Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s). Partial remission was defined as persistence of some pain but ability to carry out most ADL’s and return to work with some restriction of duties, depending on the occupation. Failure rate was defined as no change in the level of pain and or/ADL.
  • A meta-analysis of the efficacy of laser phototherapy on pain relief concluded that laser phototherapy effectively relieves pain of various etiologies; making it a valuable addition to contemporary pain management. Clin J Pain.2010 Oct;26(8):729-36.
  • A meta-analysis study on the efficacy of low-power lasers in tissue repair and pain control concluded that laser phototherapy is a highly effective therapeutic armamentarium for tissue repair and pain relief. Photomed Laser Surg.2004 Aug;22(4):323-9.
  • A meta-analysis of the efficacy of phototherapy in tissue repair concluded that phototherapy is a highly effective form of treatment for tissue repair, with stronger supporting evidence resulting from experimental animal studies than human studies. Photomed Laser Surg.2009 Oct;27(5):695-702.
  • A study entitled “Efficacy of low-level laser therapy in the management of neck pain: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized placebo or active-treatment controlled trials” concluded that LLLT reduces pain immediately after treatment in acute neck pain and up to 22 weeks after completion of treatment in patients with chronic neck pain. Lancet. 2009 Dec 5;374(9705): 1897-908.
  • A study entitled “Acute Low Back Pain with Radiculopathy: A Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo Controlled Study” concluded patients show better improvement in acute LBP treated with laser used as additional therapy supporting it as an adjunct to traction-based therapies. Photomed Laser Surg.2010 Aug;28(4):553-60.

As you can see from the above referenced peer reviewed research, Laser and Spinal Decompression Therapy are highly effective therapies for many people experiencing discogenic or arthritic pain (pain arising from the disc or caused by various types of spinal arthritis). In addition, promising research suggests that the effects of Laser and Spinal Decompression Therapy can be a long-lasting solution to certain chronic back pain disorders. Although failure rates are relatively low, other studies suggest that completion of prescribed treatments can reduce failure rates from 32.9% to 3.9%.

Additional compilations are available upon request. From this research it is made clear that automated laser therapy and spinal decompression represent the most perfect confluence of non-surgical therapies for your disc patients and beyond.

With the growing trend towards non-surgical drug-free treatment options, and increasing capabilities of robotics in modern medicine, The Spine Specialist is the technologically advanced solution that patients and doctors are both looking for.