Meet the Doctors

Dr. Suzanne

Dr. Suzanne is a chiropractor, mom to three active teenagers, online fasting/keto coach, and passionate about living a healthy lifestyle in tune with how we were designed to live on this planet.

For the past 20 years, she has suffered from bouts of excruciating back pain due to a disc herniation injury from powerlifting as a 20 year old. Her lower back injury was how she was first introduced to chiropractic care and this experience sent her down the path to become a chiropractor herself. Despite her healthy, active lifestyle and regular chiropractic care, she would still experience debilitating back pain flare ups where she could not do anything for weeks at a time.

Her most recent MRI showed that she now had multiple bulging/herniated discs, which is often what happens over time after you have one disc injury. She thought this was her new life sentence: dealing with bouts of severe back pain, just waiting for the next wrong move to cause a terrible flare up. Until… Dr. Suzanne met Dr. Mark Jagger, the creator of the Laser Spinal Decompression table.

Dr. Suzanne started a Laser Spinal Decompression practice in Winnipeg, Manitoba and experienced great results with patients suffering from disc injuries. Most of her patients have been everywhere and tried everything without any lasting relief. Many of these patients (including Dr. Suzanne) are finally finding lasting relief!


Dr. Christine

Dr. Christine Gulas heard about the success that Dr. Suzanne’s patients were experiencing. Dr. Christine is beyond excited to partner with Dr. Suzanne to bring the technology of the laser spinal decompression table to Arizona. Her own health journey has given her valuable firsthand experience with disease and chronic pain. Healing from these things for herself is what drives her passion to help others reach their own personal health goals. She has learned that true healing involves mind, body, and spirit.

Originally from Long Island, NY, Dr. Christine graduated from Life University in Marietta, Georgia in 2005. She has lived in the East Valley since 2006 with her husband and four children. Her oldest daughter is in college in Arizona and her three younger children all attend school in Chandler. Dr. Christine is passionate about holistic living, nature, and sunshine, which makes Arizona the perfect place to call home.